One of my molars hurt and idk if its a cavity or my tooth is being stupid

that awkward moment when you’re your own biggest fan on here……..

tfw you ask a blog something and they say you might need to wait a week to get an answer and you get an answer the next day :))))))))))))



do you ever just really regret something that happened years ago…

im pretty sure your mom regrets ding something 15 years ago

*armpit farts*

the thing i love about school is that you walk in then somehow it’s lunch then last period then you’re done for the day. things go by so fast. before you know it it’s winter break. then after that school goes by hella fast and it’s june and you’re done with school and you survived

cause of death: choking bc i ate the pasta too fast

pasta time :ooooooo

*thinks about something* that probably wouldn’t hurt *thinks about it later* that sounds like it’d hurt like a bitch

Friend: *sneezes*
Me: Bless you
Friend: *sneezes five more times*
Me: chill


*girlfriend calls*

*her mom gets on the phone*

*her brother gets on the phone*

*i get off the phone*

to be fair it was only my brother and he was just in the background asking about the pokemon games lmao


if someone ever kidnaps me im just going to shit my pants because they either have to wipe my ass or deal with the smell and i want them to have it rough


Hungry, hungry…


Hungry, hungry…

do you ever just really regret something that happened years ago…

i actually felt pretty good at school today i liked a lot of my teachers and i sit with 2 people at lunch and one of my friends has like 2 classes near me and i know the school year usually goes by pretty fast imo so yippeee :D

i can live off of cookies